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Online security just got easier

UFP Identity is the only dynamic authentication platform that's secure for merchants and convenient for users.

What is UFP Identity?

Honestly, it looks like a typical login screen. But behind the scenes there is power.

The First and Only “Multiple-pass” Authentication Solution

Our encryption methods are highly advanced and updated regularly. We created a “multiple-pass” (MP) authentication solution (patent: US8756661 B2) that provides the most secure defense against breaches and fraud today.

Authentication-as-a-Service (AaaS) Model

Built for webmasters, IT pros, and organizations looking for a scalable tool that continually stays ahead of the bad guys, UFP Identity constantly updates our security platform so you don't have to. We manage system changes for you allowing you to support your customers better.

We Encrypt All Passwords and Log-in Behavior

Using a set of objective and heuristic data, we aggregate information on your customers’ log-in behavior to establish a set of normative data for each user. This means we can protect your business and know the true identity of the user that logs in everytime.

Ready to get started?

Get the toughest authentication security platform on your website for free for up to a year.*

* Free is a pretty great deal right?

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